Freiberger Yacht Sextant

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Freiberger Yacht Sextant

A smaller Instrument specifically designed for the Yachtsman where space, weight and size are at a premium, features include: The comfortable light metal alloy frame is well balanced. The large horizon and index mirrors are tested for optical flatness and parallelism. The front focusing telescope 2,4 x 25 is ideal as the rubber eyepiece does not turn against the rim of the navigators eye during adjustment. To prevent eye damages, the correct amount of brightness through the sextants optical light paths is controlled by means of swing in graded filters, 3 for the index and 2 for the horizon mirrors. 

Graduated arc
radius 142 mm
scale of degrees - 3° to + 123°
interval 1° 
Drum graduations  
interval 1'
lens aperture 25 mm
magnification 2,4 x
Handle - Plastic
Colour -black
  -marine blue
  -gold plated
yacht sextant 24x21x11 cm
carrying case 26,5x24x15 cm
yacht sextant 0,86 kg
carrying case 2,80° kg 


Freiberger Illumination Device (for Yacht Sextant) (Black)
Freiberger Illumination Device (for Yacht Sextant) (Ivory)


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