Freiberger Drum Sextant (Black)


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Freiberger Drum Sextant (Black)

The traditional instrument for celestial position finding in sea. Comfortable weight and size with excellent balance from it's well designed light metal alloy frame. Large horizon and index mirrors which are tested for optical flatness and parallelism. The clamping device and micrometer drum are fully enclosed for protection against dirt and water spray.

Standard telescope 4x40 is adjustable for height and fitted with a protective rubbers eyepiece. The correct amount of brightness through the sextants optical light paths is controlled by means of swing in graded filters 4 for the index and 3 for the horizon mirrors.

Option: Illumination device which is detachable (battery operated) 8 x 30 monocular telescope Can be supplied as a surveying sextant (for horizontal sights) and fitted whith a detachable penta prism to extend the measuring range to 215 degrees.

Gradbogen Graduated arc
Teilungsradius 170 mm radius 170 mm
Teilungslänge -5° bis +125° scale of degrees -5° to +125°
Skalenwert 1° interval 1°
Trommeleinteilung Drum graduations
Skalenwert 1' interval 1'
Schätzung 0,1' visual interval 0.1'
Fernrohr Telescope
Objektivöffnung 40 mm (od. 30 mm) lens aperture 40 mm (or 30 mm)
Vergrößerung 4-fach (8-x verfgb.) magnification 4-x (8-x avail.)
Abmaße Dimensions
Sextant 26 x 24 x 13 cm Sextant 26 x 24 x 13 cm
HSS/VSS Durchmesser 65 mm HVM/FVM diameter 65 mm
Koffer 34 x 32 x 17 cm carrying case 34 x 32 x17 cm
Gewicht Weight
Trommelsextant 1,4 kg drum sextant 1.4 kg
TS + Holzkoffer 4,0 kg DS + wooden case 4.0 kg
immer orientiert Always orientated
• exakte Positionsfindung und -berechnung mittels Messung
des Höhenwinkels zwischen den Visierlinien Schiff-Kimm
und Schiff-Gestirn bzw. durch Horizontalwinkelmessung in
• exact determination of your position and calculation by measuring elevation
angle between lines of sight (horizon and celestial body) or horizontal angle
measurement nearby coast respectively
unentbehrlich Essential features
• kaum störanfällig, unbeeinflusst durch Elektromagnetismus
• preiswert und einfach in der Handhabung
• lange Nutzungsdauer
• vorgeschriebene Ausrüstung zur Hochseenavigation
• barely susceptible, uninfluenced by electromagnetism
• reasonably priced and easy to handle
• long life time
• mandatory equipment for deep sea navigation
sichere Navigation Reliable Navigation
• optimale Einstellungsgenauigkeit
• verzerrungsfreie Abbildung durch hochwertige Spiegel von geprüfter
Planheit, korrosionsfest versiegelt und feinfühlig justierbar
• ideal accuracy of adjustment
• unstretched reproduction of image (high quality mirrors of
verified flatness, corrosion resistant sealed and precisely


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