Cruising Guide to Cuba Volume 1, 1st, 2013


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Volume 1 — Varadero to Cienfuegos/Casilda
ISBN: 978-0-9731659-3-7 (9780973165937)

Volume 2 — Casilda to Varadero (Planned distribution for Summer/Fall 2016; postponed indefinitely)

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Cruising Guide to Cuba Volume 1, 1st, 2013

Cruising Guide to Cuba Varadero to Trinidad

Cuba, the last unexplored cruising destination in the West Indies. It has more than 2,000 nautical miles of coastline, the reefs are pristine, isolated cays with white sand beaches are numerous and there are more anchorages than one could hope for.

Is it true that a voyage to Cuba is akin to sailing into the 1950s but even more impressive is its Spanish colonial charm. Cuba's cities and towns are some of the oldest in the Americas, many founded in the early 1500s.

Cuba's vibrant Latin culture and beautiful colonial architecture in unrivalled making it a photographer's dream and an amazing winter destination.

Capt. Cheryl Barr has made more than a dozen cruises to Cuba researching and exploring it's coastal waters. With all the information she has gathered, Cheryl has compiled this wonderfully detailed pilot guide. This two volume series contains all the information needed to cruise easily and safely in Cuba.

Cruising Guide to Cuba Volume 1
2015 Updates, Corrections & Comments

The information in Cruising Guide to Cuba (Vol1) is based on information to June 2013. The following updates/corrections/comments are based on current (2015) information. Our years of experience in Cuba has taught us that anything an everything pertaining to policy, currency, legalities, etc., change often.

**Feb 2015- Marina Darsena Varadero is no longer a Port of Entry. Must be in Cuba 30 days before going to this marina.

Pg. 9   CURRENCY - Cuba is planning a return to a single currency. The speculation is that they will keep the Peso Nacional (MN) and base it on the US dollar but at a more realistic rate of exchange. Reportedly, US Master Cards are now accepted, but confirm before going.

HEALTH - No recent reports of Cholera. Medical Insurance: US medical insurers can now cover American travelling to Cuba. Without medical coverage, visitors must pay $3/day/person, purchased upon arrival & based on the number of days you plan to be in the country. Anyone from a country that has national health are covered.

Pg. 12  

Charts - There is now an NV Chart kit for CYba's southeast coast.

Pg. 13  

COMMUNICATIONS ASHORE - Devices no longer sealed at Entry Ports, Foreigners can rent cell phone SIM cards for 30 days. Table 1.3 - Marinas answer on Vhf 67, 72 & 77

Pg. 19  

Table 1.6 - Cy. Guillermo is now a check-out port only.

Pg. 22 & 23  

FEES & IMPORTATIONS - The entry/exit, customs and cruising permit fees have been combined. The fee upon arrival is now $55. In some locations an additional $5 to the Dr. and Veterinarian may be required. The Vessel Import fee has been cancelled. The new boat be subject to importation. ELECTRONICS & CREW CHANGES - Electronic devices are no longer sealed. There is now a $10b fee for a crewmember to joining/depart a vessel.

Pg. 38  

RETURNING TO USA - American & foreign nationals can bring back $400 of duty free goods where Cuban liquor & cigars make up not more than $100 of the total.

*Pg. 56  

MARINA DARSENA VARADERO - No longer an International check-in port. Vessels must report to Marina Gaviota Varadero. Both marinas, lights operational 2015.

Pg. 59  

Photo caption should read "Old Square in Matanzas".

Pg. 72  

An noted above, Clearance/Entry fee is now $55

Pg. 73  

Only Canal 2 has water & electricity. Water supply still intermittent.

Pg. 88  

BAHIA DEL MARIEL - The commercial container port now operational, yacht traffic prohibited.

Pg. 132  

CORRECTION - Pasa los Morros & Pasa Sorde should read 21" not 22"

Pg. 179  

Chart Inset - Shows rock/reef to the right of fairway. There is no specific obstruction in this location. You are, however, passing over the reef but it is at depth in the fairway.

Pg. 184   COMMENT - Inside Passage - We run the passage (using the waypoints provide) when the sun is overhead and/or slightly behind. Water clarity is very good. We draw 6.9 feet and never had a grounding. There are sporadic dark patches in the water which we occasionally dodge around. These pacthes are prominent.


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