Stitch-And-Glue Boatbuilding How To Build Kayaks And Other Small Boats


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Stitch-And-Glue Boatbuilding How To Build Kayaks And Other Small Boats

Stitch-and-Glue Boatbuilding • Item Number: RHSAGB • ISBN: 0-07-144093-3 • Price: $22.95 • Author: Chris Kulczycki • Publication Date: 2005 • Cover: Paperback • Pages: 256 • Size: 8 1/2 x 11 A leading practitioner of this method of boatbuilding teaches how to do it right. Enlivened with shop tales of mishaps and designs gone bad to instruct and entertain. Includes full plans and instructions for nine boats: kayaks, sailing skiff and a wherry Your Guide to the Most Popular Method of Amateur Boatbuilding Building a stitch-and-glue boat bring you as close as you'll eve get to instant boatbuilding. It's the fastest, easiest method yet devised for creating a strong, beautiful, seaworthy craft with your own hands. Now, one of the world's premier stitch-and-glue designers, and teachers gives you the information and guidance you need to build the boat of your dreams in your backyard, basement, or garage. Chris Kulczycki explains why you don't need to be a master craftsman with dozens of specialized tools to create a sleek, responsive small boat. He lays out the basis stitch-and-glue building techniques; outlines the shortcuts and pitfalls; and details the materials you'll need. Then he guides you through each phase of the building process, from cutting plywood panels and stitching them together to gluing the seams with epoxy to fiberglassing, sanding, painting, finishing, and outfitting. • Plans and assembly instructions for eleven boats, including nice kayaks, a skiff, and a rowing shell • Step-by-step photographs and drawings • The information you need to choose the right materials for your boat ISBN: 0-07-144093-3


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