IMO Carriage Requirements On Board Ships

Publication Applies to… Remarks
SOLAS (Consolidated Edition 2009 and 2008-2011 Amendments All Ships  
MARPOL (Consolidated Edition 2011) All Ships  
STCW, 2011 Edition All Ships  
IBC Code, 2007 Edition Chemical Tankers Built after 1 July 1988
BCH  Code, 2009 Edition Chemical Tankers Built before 1 July 1986
IGC Code, 1993 Edition Gas Carriers Built after 1 July 1986
IMDG Code (2012 Edition and IMDG Code Supplement 2010 Edition) All Ships Carrying Dangerous Goods in Package Form or Bulk
IMSBC Code, 2012 Edition All Ships Carrying Solid Bulk Cargoes
Code of Safe Practices for Timber Deck Cargoes, 2012 Edition Cargo Ships (as applicable)  
International Code of Signals All Ship  
IAMSAR Manual Volume III, 2013 Edition All Ships  
ICS International Safety Guide for Oil Tankers and Terminals, 5th Edition Oil Tankers  
ICS Tanker Safety Guide- Chemicals, 3rd Edition Chemical Tankers  
ICS Tanker Safety Guide-Liquefied Gas, 2nd Edition LNG Tankers  
Nautical Charts & Publications* All Ships See Table for Details
Publications Required by ISM Code All Ships Consult Ship’s SMS Manual for Additional Required Publications


Nautical Charts and Publications*

Adequate and Up to Date Charts for Intended Voyage
Up to Date Chart Catalogue
Admiralty Sailing Directions
Admiralty List of Lights
Notice to Mariners (NTM)
Admiralty Tide Tables
Mariner’s Handbook
Nautical Almanac
Admiralty List of Radio Signals Volumes I to VI (GMDSS)
Tidal Stream Atlases
Ocean Passages for the World

*Consult Ship’s SMS and Port State Control for additional requirements*

Suggested List of Publications for Vessels Bridge

- Light Lists for area of vessel transit (US or Admiralty)
- Coast Pilots/Sailing Directions for are of vessel transit (US or Admiralty)
- Tide Tables for Area of Transit
- Tidal Current Tables for area of transit
- Radio Signals (Pub117 or Admiralty)
- USCG Navigation Rules and Regulations Handbook
- CFR 33 Parts 1, 2 & 3
- International Code of Signals (US or IMO)
- US Chart #1 / Admiralty NP5011 Symbols and Abbreviations
- American Practical Navigator (Pub 9)
- IMO SOLAS (Safety of Life at Sea)
- IMO ISM Code
- IMO IAMSAR Manual Volumes 1, 2 and 3
- IMO LSA Code
- IMO Load Lines
- IMDG Code (for vessels Carrying Dangerous Good)
- IMDG Code Supplement
- ITU List of Cost Stations and Special service Stations DVD
- ITU List of Ship stations and Maritime Mobile Service Identity Assignments DVD
- ITU Manual for Use by the Maritime Mobile & Maritime Mobile-Satellite Services
- CFR 47 part 80-end
- Bridge Procedures Guide
- Official Log book
- Oil Record Book
- Garbage Record Book
- Bridge Bell Book
- Engine Bell Book
- Deck Log Book
- Night Order Book

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