Maryland Nautical is an Official Publishing Agent
by Captain Lisa Batchelor Frailey

Maryland Nautical is now an officially-approved printer and distributor of NOAA's Print-on-Demand United States Coast Pilot® series. Maryland Nautical will print U.S. Coast Pilot volumes incorporating all weekly updates and corrections, making useable publications readily available to the mariner.

Coast Pilot V2 Beginning with U.S. Coast Pilot Volumes 1 & 2, mariners will be able to order Print-on-Demand (POD) editions in early October 2012. POD versions of U.S. Coast Pilot Volumes 3 through 9 will be phased in throughout the coming months.

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NOAA's Office of Coastal Survey produces the official U.S. Coast Pilot, a 9-volume text series designed to supplement NOAA's nautical charts for U.S. coastal and intracoastal waters and the Great Lakes. The publication is used aboard all commercial and federal vessels, and on many recreational boats to enhance the safety and efficiency of navigation.

Traditionally, U.S. Coast Pilot volumes have been printed annually in quantity, then stored and sold via retail sales agents. This method resulted in the sale of a gradually obsolete product, as a mariner might purchase a new volume that would require a year's worth of weekly corrections to comply with federal carriage regulations.

To improve this process, NOAA has implemented Print-on-Demand technology. NOAA will update the U.S. Coast Pilot volumes weekly and provide digital versions in .PDF format to official Publishing Agents (eg. Maryland Nautical) who will then print from the up-to-date files as copies are ordered. Publishing Agents, carefully screened for their technical accuracy, will sell U.S. Coast Pilot through their own network of retailers and distributors.

Buy NOAA Coast Pilot Volume 1 - 9 

Coast Pilot V1
From the first American Coast Pilot published in 1796, to NOAA's U.S. Coast Pilot Print-on-Demand innovations, mariners have relied on the publications to safely navigate U.S. waters. Coast Pilots remain a crucial tool in the professional and recreational mariner's navigation kit. Maryland Nautical's new Print-on-Demand Coast Pilot series will expedite up-to-date information to the mariner - stay tuned for launch!

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