Sealite Master Workshop

Sealite Master Workshop

In October 2014, Maryland Nautical's Ted Applegarth and Brandon Hoffman attended the Sealite Masters Workshop at the New Hampshire manufacturing and distribution base of Sealite USA.


 The conference included training on the complete line of Sealite products, ranging from marine buoys to bridge lights to aquaculture lighting.  At the workshop, Sealite introduced their new line of 6-19nm Marine Lanterns, Port Entry Light (PEL) with a range of 23nm night /5nm day, and High Output Lighthouse LED replacement sources. The workshop included a tour of the New Hampshire manufacturing plant, where an ever-increasing number of Sealite products are built to meet the Buy America criteria. 


Australian-based Sealite is the world's fastest growing manufacturer of marine aids to navigation, offering the widest range of solar-powered LED lanterns in the marketplace. Sealite specializes in "next-generation" lights, phasing out incandescent lights with ultra-high intensity LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) that are extremely power-efficient and virtually maintenance free. An ISO 9001 company, Sealite is renown for its reliability, repeatability and customer satisfaction. 


Well-known in Asia and Europe, Sealite is quickly becoming a leader in the US market. MNS was appointed in 2013 as a dealer for Sealite® Aids to Marine Navigation, and serves the Mid-Atlantic area with Sealite products and technology.


MNS stocks an inventory of Sealite products, and is able to order anything in the Sealite repertoire for their clients. Participation in the Masters Workshop gave Ted and Brandon a better understanding of the full product line, which will enable them to match the correct product for each client's application. The meeting allowed for networking with key Sealite leaders, including the head of Sealite Global Sales, Michael Walker.


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