The Bahamas Maritime Authority Record Book for Fuel Oil and Ozone Depleting Substances (Rev. 01, Sep 2015)


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The Bahamas Maritime Authority Record Book for Fuel Oil and Ozone Depleting Substances (Rev. 01, Sep 2015)

In order to comply with the regulatory requirements for recordkeeping in association with MARPOL Annex VI, this record book is provided as a means for the Ship Owners or Manager to ensure that the full record keeping requirements are effectively established on board.The Record Book is not mandatory to be kept on board, however it is provided to ensure that such entries are kept in a format acceptable to the Flag State and to facilitate ease of inspection of the appropriate records by properly authorised officers and interested third parties.

When making entries in this log book:

  1. All entries must be clearly legible and permanent.
  2. Errors must be corrected by drawing a single line through the error and initiated.
  3. Each completed entry should be signed by the appropriate person in the designated places.
  4. Each completed page should be examined and endorsed by the Master.
  5. This book to be retained on board for nor less than 3 years after the last entry made.

The relevant record-keeping entries are to be made under the following sections:

  • SECTION 1: Tracking and Control Record for MAPOL Fuel Oil Samples
  • SECTION 2: Record of custody transfer of an Annex VI sample, where requested by a Port State Control Officer.
  • SECTION 3: Record of low sulphur fuel oil received
  • SECTION 4: Low Sulphur Fuel (LSF) Change Over Record for Sulphur Emission Control Area (SECA) and other Emission Control Area (ECA)
  • SECTION 5: Ozone Depleting Substances Record Book

Where a section if fully completed, it is recommended to draw a line beneath all other sections. The pages with the most recent entry in each section should be endorsed by the Master on board. It is recommended that a new book should be used in service and made sequential to the previous book.


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