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System Requirements: All Microsoft supported Windows operating systems, including Vista and Win7 (32 bit or 64 bit).
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StarPilot is the premier celestial navigation program, and its piloting functions make it a joy to all navigators, even those with no plans for celestial navigation.

The navigator’s dream machine. Does all computations that might arise in routine or even special-case navigation: fast, easy and highly accurate — in the middle of the ocean or in coastal and inland waters. StarPilot sets new standards in the field of celestial navigation and in computational solutions to conventional piloting fixes.

StarPilot includes all features found in existing software products plus many new unique features.

Celestial highlights include a SIGHT PLANNER that plots out the full sky in a radar-like view, showing heights and bearings of all bodies, from which you call a BEST SIGHTS function which displays the best triads of sights for that sky. Once sights are in hand, the SIGHT ANALYZER function fits sequences of data to the correct theoretical shape so navigators can identify the best sights of their set. Celestial fixes can be obtained from its plotted LOPs or from computation. StarPilot also includes a versatile “LUNARS” routine for finding GMT from lunar distances. You can analyze present data or historic data from early explorers. The StarPilot internal almanac is accurate from the 16th century until 2100.

Piloting highlights include numeric solutions to CROSSED BEARINGS and RUNNING FIXES (with or without current and leeway), sextant piloting with vertical angles, and numeric solutions to 3-POINT FIXES — using horizontal sextant angles for high precision piloting. All tidal current vector problems are solved, as well as geographic range, all route sailings, tide and current interpolators, bow-angle fixes, wind vectors, speed-time-distance, DR updates by log or speed, and much more, such as COMPUTE MAGNETIC VARIATION and magnetic dip angle along with annual changes for any date and location on earth.

The programming was done by Dr. Luis Soltero, professional scientist and mathematician as well as seasoned sailor who has cruised and lived aboard his own sailboat for 9 years. The content and user interface was selected and designed by David Burch, to reflect the Starpath approach to ocean and coastal navigation, tested over many years and many thousands of miles underway.


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