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Complete Electronic Chart + Nautical Reference Library

 “In 2005, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) began distributing United States raster and vector charts free of charge. There are also tens of thousands of pages of nautical reference material available on World Wide Web servers. However, collecting and maintaining a complete electronic chart and nautical reference library is extremely time consuming. Each year we scour the Web and harvest whatever is available in the public domain we think would be useful to boaters. This eighth edition saves you updating 4,692 charts and 180 publications. We’re pretty sure you’d rather be out on the water!”

Mark & Diana Doyle
USCG Masters and SSCA Commodores
Aboard m/v Semi-Local

Whether you already own navigation software and only need updated charts and reference materials, or you are a newbie who wants free or trial software and charts to test the e-charting waters, this 2-DVD set makes you good to go!

U.S. Raster and Vector Charts—Charts are cataloged and organized into popular cruising geographies. Chart files are standard BSB (raster) and S-57 (vector) charts provided by NOAA and the U.S. Army Corps and display in all computer-based navigation packages that support these formats.

Nautical Reference Library—This 8th edition now includes just under $3000 and almost two gigabytes of government publications, reference texts, and nautical calculators in searchable Adobe Acrobat PDF or HTML web browser format.

Free and Trial Software—Contains free and trial software applications for both PC and Macintosh operating systems.

Complete Electronic Chart + Nautical Reference Library

• Two DVD discs of charts, publications, and trial software
• 4,500+ charts
• All available NOAA raster charts (RNCs)
• All available NOAA vector charts (ENCs)
• All available USACE inland waterway charts (IENCs)
• Free and trial versions of PC and Macintosh charting and navigation software
• Nearly 200 government publications, reference texts, and nautical calculators
• Updated annually

Contains over 4,500 raster and vector chart panels, insets, extensions and cells for United States waters. Charts fall into three categories by chart source and format: (1) NOAA Raster Charts (RNCs) of U.S. coastal waters, (2) NOAA Vector Charts (ENCs) of U.S. coastal waters, and (3) U.S Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) Vector Charts (IENCs) for U.S. inland waterways.

NOAA Raster Charts (RNCs)Number of Charts
New England214 Charts
New York, New Jersey, New York Canals, and Great Lakes697 Charts
Chesapeake & Delaware Bays138 Charts
Intracoastal Waterway (ICW)199 Charts
Florida Keys78 Charts
Gulf of Mexico220 Charts
Alaska393 Charts
West Coast293 Charts
Pacific & Caribbean Islands (U.S. Possessions)148 Charts

NOAA RNCs are standard BSB raster format files with complete coverage of U.S. coastal waters and U.S. possessions.

NOAA Vector Charts (ENCs)Number of Charts
NOAA Vector Charts (ENCs)All Available

NOAA ENCs are standard S-57 vector format files covering U.S. coastal waters.

USACE Vector Charts (IENCs)Number of Charts
USACE Vector Charts (IENCs)All Available

USACE IENCs are standard S-57 vector format files of U.S. Inland Waterways. Note: for Great Loopers, coverage from Chicago, IL to Mobile, AL is now complete. 


The following 33 groups of government publications, reference texts, and nautical calculators are included on the 2-DVD set, comprising a total of 180 volumes.

1American Practical Navigator (Bowditch)1
2Atlas of Pilot Charts5
3Canadian Coast Guard Radio Aids to Navigation2
4Chart No. 1: Nautical Chart Symbols, Abbreviations, and Terms1
5Chart No. 1 and Encoding Guide: USACE Inland Electronic Navigational Chart1
6Distances Between Ports Pub. 1511
7Distances Between U.S. Ports1
8Federal Meteorological Handbook No. 11
9Handbook of Magnetic Compass Adjustment1
10International Code of Signals Pub. 1021
11Magnetic Variation Charts2
12Marine Weather Service Charts15
13Mariner’s Guide for Hurricane Awareness1
14MF and HF Channels1
15Nautical Calculators34
16Nautical Chart User’s Manual1
17Navigation Rules (International & Inland)1
18NGA List of Lights7
19NOAA Coast Pilots9
20NOAA Hurricane Basics1
21NWS Observing Handbook No. 11
22Radar Navigation and Maneuvering Board Manual Pub. 13103
23Radio Navigation Aids Pub. 1171
24Sailing Directions (Enroute)38
25Sailing Directions (Planning Guides)5
26Sight Reduction Tables Pub. 2296
27Sight Reduction Tables for Air Navigation Pub. 2493
28State Chart Catalogs25
29The (CIA) World Factbook1
30USCG Light Lists7
31U.S. VHF Channels1
32World Port Index Pub. 1501
33WW Marine Radiofax Broadcast Schedules1


The 2-DVD set includes the following free and trial software applications. SeaClear II is fully-functional e-charting freeware for the PC. The remaining applications either limit functionality (such as restricting the number of waypoints or routes) or have a built-in time expiration (such as a 30-day trial period).

Fugawi Marine ENCPCTrial
Sping SeaClear IIPCFree
TIKI NavigatorPCTrial
GPSNavX MacENCMacTrial


Included charts are standard BSB (raster) or S-57 (vector) format files, unchanged from their distribution by NOAA or the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Therefore, any software application that supports these standard formats (not all applications support both BSBs and S-57s) can display the charts. We've personally loaded and tested the files on the 19 popular applications listed below. The charts should be compatible with additional applications, such as Deckman, Expedition, GPSy, Henry Navigation, MacGPS Pro, NavGator, Offshore Navigator, PassagePlus, SeaTrack, and Tridentnav, depending on that application's specific BSB and/or S-57 support.

AdmiralJeppesen Marine (Nobeltec)PC
BoatCruiserNavSim TechnologyPC
The CapnMaptechPC
Chart Navigator ProMaptechPC
Coastal ExplorerRose Point NavigationPC
Fugawi Marine ENCNorthport Systems (Fugawi)PC
NavimaQBarco SoftwareMac
NavPakGlobal Navigation Software CompanyPC
RayTech RNSRaymarinePC
SailCruiserNavSim TechnologyPC
SeaClear IISpingPC
TIKI NavigatorTIKI NavigatorPC
VNS (Visual Navigation Suite)Jeppesen Marine (Nobeltec)PC



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