Eldridge Tide and Pilot Book, 2021


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The Eldridge Tide and Pilot Book, 2021

The chances are that if your great-grandparents went boating somewhere on the Atlantic coast, a copy of the ELDRIDGE TIDE AND PILOT BOOK was on board. Since 1875, when George W. Eldridge published the first edition, ELDRIDGE has been the most relied-upon source for helpful information about tides and currents, and a whole lot more.

In the new edition, you'll find the latest tide and current tables for the Atlantic coast, pages on GPS navigation, radiotelephone use, lights and fog signals, courses and distances, safety and weather for the mariner. Printed every year, ELDRIDGE appears in November in many marine stores and bookshops.

Not only is it loaded with valuable information, it's the least expensive guide of its kind available. That's why it's been a bestseller since 1875.

TIDE TABLES - Portland, Boston, Newport, Bridgeport, Kings Point, The Battery, Sandy Hook, Baltimore, Miami Harbor Entrace.

CURRENT TABLES - Cape Cod Canal, Woods Hole, Pollock Rip, The Race, Hell Gate, The Narrows, Delaware Bay Entrance, Chesapeake, & Delaware Canal.

CURRENT CHARTS & DIAGRAMS - Boston, Buzzards Bay, Vineyard & Nantucket Sounds, Narragansett Bay, Long Island & Block Island Sounds, New York Bay, Upper Chesapeake Bay.

EMERGENCIES - Marine Distress Calling, First Aid Guidelines, Hypothermia

FISHING - Bluefish: A Grudging Appreciation - Jay MacLaughlin, Fishing Smarter: How Wind Alters Water Movement - Lou Tabory

SAFE NAVIGATION - Rules of the Road, Navigation Lights, Sound Signals, Nautical Charts & Buoyage Diagram, Piloting in a Cross Current.

LIGHTS, FOG SIGNALS & OFFSHORE BUOYS - Characteristics of Buoys and Lighthouses, with Latitude/Longitude, from Nova Scotia to Key West.


CLEAN BOATING - USCG Pollution Regulations, How to Find Pumpout Stations

WEATHER - Hurricane Precautions, Beaufort Scale, Keys to Predicting Weather, Weather Reports, Weather Signs in the Sky, Dew Point, Wind Chill

ASTRONOMICAL DATA - Sun & Moon Tables, Moon Phase Calendar, Planets

FLAGS & CODES - How to Fly Yacht Flags, International Signals, Storm Signals

MISCELLANEOUS - Jan Adkins' Modest Plea, Story Contest Winner, Mal de Mar - Peter Spectre, Navy Resumes Celestial Navigation Course - David Dickinson, Trash Talk - Josh Mayo, and more....


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